About WiWoTech
WiWoTech Systems Pvt Ltd specializes in providing cutting edge services to the global electronics players. We are specialist in RF design, Antenna Design, IC Package/SIP Design, PCB design, RF and Antenna testing, EMI/EMC failure analysis, Signal integrity analysis, Power integrity analysis Product design Services, Consulting Services, Training Services. We also provide value added services like PCB Manufacturing and Assembly services, Thermal analysis, Mechanical design and multi physics simulation for the customers looking for one stop solutions for all their requirements.

The WiWoTech team has highly skilled engineers and professionals possessing significant industrial experience across various application domains and engineering horizontals. We specialize in working with fast moving, high-tech companies and are committed to provide highest quality engineering design and services on time at competitive costs

What We Know
  • Wireless module design
  • RF Circuit Design
  • RF/Wireless System Design
  • RF/Antenna Testing
  • Antenna Design
  • EM Simulation
  • IC Package/SIP Design
  • PCB Design
How We Work

WiWoTech delivers excellent engineering services with good project management methods which include verification and quality check points throughout the project life cycle which ensures our customers a successful engagement